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Evidence of Old cemetary in Whatton
Gregg Redford Wednesday 4th June 2003
Recent 'finds' during the building of an extension to a property on Burton Lane, Whatton-in-the-Vale confirms the existence of an early medieval cemetery which probably fell into disuse in the early 15th Century. Whilst no formal excavation was performed on this recent find, the location was consistent with earlier finds, on which some research was performed. In 1986 two certain graves were identified, with a further ten discovered in 1990. All the graves were in an East-West orientation. One grave was that of an infant, with graves goods, 7 glass beads, 2 bronze shroud pins, pieces of bronze chain and bronze decorative setting for one bead. The site is located east of the present graveyard. More research is required to establish the reason for the location of this cemetery.

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