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Some Whatton Papers.
Gregg Redford Thursday 30th June 2022
I have inherited a number of papers relating to Whatton-in-the-Vale. I've not had time to study them in detail, but below are some initial thoughts.

An interesting 'bundle' contained the original survey of the Public Rights of Way in Whatton. This 1951 survey formed the basis for the DEFINITIVE MAP of Public Rights of Way in the Parish. Most of them still exist, some have been lost to the creation of new highways, some have been diverted for various reasons. Most (though not all) are stated as to being awarded in 1789.

Also included was a typed certified copy of the Inclosure of Whatton in 1789. The Public Rights of Way cited as being awarded in 1789, were awarded by virtue of this document. Regrettably, there was no map with the document so there is much reading and analysis required to recreate the Inclosure Map.

An interesting book which was started in 1851 is the 'Lanes Book'. Prior to the establishment of Borough, District and Parish Councils, the Parish was effectively managed by the 'Vestry'. It was the practice to 'rent' the verges on the Parish Lanes to people to graze animals. The Lanes Book details the names and amounts of the rentees starting in 1851.

For those of us who lived in Whatton and Aslockton or indeed the wider Vale of Belvoir in the mid 1970s will remember the proposal by the then National Coal Board to deep mine in the Vale of Belvoir. The then Duke of Rutland promised to lie in front of the first bulldozer, the promise was never tested as the proposal was subsequently dropped. There is a very large bundle of papers on the subject which I've not even looked at.

There are a number of other documents and books, including the Parish Meeting minutes from 1894 to the formation of the Parish Council in 1934.

My plan is to study the papers in detail, digitise those of real interest and post them on this website, catalogue all the papers and lodge them (hopefully) with the Nottinghamshire Archives.

2022 - GR Redford

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