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Grantham Journal
Saturday 14th February 1914
The Whatton Tragedy

The funeral took place, Whatton-in-the-Vale, yesterday afternoon, of the two victims of the terrible farmhouse tragedy, Mr. Wm. Houghton and his younger son, Jasper Houghton.

It was impressive sight, for not only did the whole of village mourn for the loss of two of its most popular residents, but many people from the countryside were present, to show respect and sympathy for the father and son whose lives had been so shockingly sacrificed.

The cortege was timed to leave the farmhouse at three o'clock, but long before then people wended their way to the village Church, whilst many others, sad at heart, gathered in knots near the house.

The bodies, which were encased in polished oak with brass fittings, were brought out and for a short time rested chairs the roadway. the coffin of Mr. Houghton was laid, in addition to some beautiful wreaths, his Churchward's staff. There were four bearers each coffin, those the son being members of the cboir, fully surpliced.

The victims were carried along the village street and the mourners following on foot included Mrs Houghton (the grief-stricken widow mother), Mr. John Houghton (Welby,Melton Mowbray), Mr. Henrv Houghton (Asfordby), and Mr. W.Houghton (Welby), brothers, Mr. Jasper H. Houghton (Asfordby), cousin, and Miss Manchester (Melton Mowbray), niece. There also followed the sad procession Major M. H. Hall (Whatton Manor), Dr. Cope, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Baines Mr. and Mrs. J. Grummitt. (Elton), Mr. and Mrs. J. Poucher (Wlhatton), Mr. and Mrs. H. Fryer and Mr. H. Fryer, jun. (Aslockton), Messrs. W. Butler, H. Golding, W. H. Olwane, J. H. Hoyte, C. J. Baldwin, and B. Smith (Whatton), W. F. Ogden (Flintham), F. J. Millor (Sherwood), S. Brewster and E. Brewster (Shelford).

The route-to the Church war*- thickly lined with people, and on arrival at the Church door the procession was received by the clergy and choir.

The Church was absolutely packed with peooJe. The lessons were read by the Rev. H. S. Ostrchan, of a former Vicar of Whatton. The hymn, "When our heads are bowed with woe," was sung.

Both bodies were interred in one grave, situated at the west end of the churchyard, and the service here was taken by the Rev. H. Hutt, of Bingham, and the Rev. H. S. Ostrehan, the committal being pronounced by the Vicar of Whatton, the Rev. G. A. Lane. At the close, the hymn, "My'tiod, my Father, while I stray," was sung.

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