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Grantham Journal
Thursday 18th December 1913
The Whatton Motor Smash

Arising out of the motor smash which occurred a week ago on the Nottingham to Grantham main road, resulting in the death of three motorists, George Frederick Leverington (22), a chauffeur, employed by one of the victims of the tragedy (Mr. William Holden of Harpley, King's Lynn(, was charged at Bingham, on Thursdya, with driving the car involved to the public danger.

The prosecuting solicitor (Mr. RA Young) stated that owning to the severe censure passed on the defendant at the inquest, the Chief Constable thought the only course was to proceed against him for dangerous driving.

Evidence was given of the speed at which the car was travelling, and by Supt. Frear, who visited the scene of the accident.

For the defence, Mr. T Norton (Grantham) said that undoubtedly a considerable amount of prejudice had been created in the minds of the general public, as the result of the censure which was passed upon defendant at the inquest, but he believed he would be able to put an entirely different complexion upon the case.

The car had been fully examined by an expert witness and the result clearly established the fact that the tyre on the back left-hand wheel was not sufficiently inflated, and that as he swpt round the outer rim came off, causing the inside tyre to burst, and the car to skid well off to the let. The man said he was going fifteen miles an hour, and the fact that he was able to pull uo within the car's own length showed that he could not have been going at more that that speed.

Leverington, who was greatly affected, but nevertheless gave his evidence very clearly, bore out his solicitor's statement as to how the accident had occurred, and expert evidence from the garage was forthcoming as to the probable condition if the tyre, and the likilihood that improper inflation was he cause of the accident.

The Bench, however, were of the opinion that had the defendant been driving at a moderate pace the accident could not possibly have happened. There was no question that he was in some way exceeding the limit. Defendant was therefore fined 40s., his license suspended for six months, and he himself disqualified from driving for six months.

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