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Grantham Journal
Saturday 9th April 1910
Polling District Conservation Assoication

A meeting was held at the Mission-room Aslockton, on Tuesday evening.

Captain MH Hall, the preseident was unavoidably absent, owing to a severe cold and Mr. W Topham occupied the chair.

Mr Hill, treasurer, produced the accounts for the last year, which were considered satisfactory, as there was a balance of 3 2s 3d., in addition to a few outstanding subscriptions.

Mr. Wm. Topham as chairman, Mr. FT Stokes secretary and Mr. Hill treasurer and vice-chairman were re-elected. Three members were chosen to represent the Assoication at Newark Central Association viz. Mr. J Grummitt (Elton), Mr. D Hill (Scarrington), and Mr. W Stubbs (Hawkesworth).

Three villages had more than fifty electors also had the power to send a representative each to Newark and the following were nominated :- Mr. FT Stokes (Aslockton), Mr. G Bredon (Orston), and Mr. Wm. Butler (Whatton).

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