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Grantham Journal
Saturday 24th February 1872
Thieves at Whatton Field?

On Tuesday evening, Feb 13th, as the men in the employ of Mr. Parr, of Whatton Field, were feeding their horses, about nine o'clock at night, they heard a dorr blowing about.

On proceeding into the stackyard they found the large barn doors open, and that a strong wooden bar which had fastened them was broken completely in two, an act which it must have taken considerable force to effect. Mr. Par had been using the thrashing machine that day and had fastened he doors himself about two hors previous.

The men were an hour later at work, and probably the thieves had calculated on everything being still and quiet, but they must have been disturbed, as nothing appeared to be missing.

Should they pay another visit, they may perhaps take something back with them they did not bargain for.

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